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Communism and Anti-Communism: A Review Essay. By Richard M. Fried. COMMUNISM and anti-commu- nism constitute the overlapping foci of the five books under review here. The authors have varying viewpoints and examine diverse topics, but collectively their work af- fords an indication of the changing perspec-.
HUAC -- AntiCommunism essaysIn the film Guilty by Suspicion, we are introduced to a time over 50 years ago. WWI is over but anti-communist sentiment still runs across the country. The House Un-American Committee probes into the actions of citizens of the United States tied to the communist party.
Since the Russian Revolution in 1905, the world housed suspicions regarding communism. These suspicions grew through both World War I, blossoming into a direct confrontation between Communist Russia and Capitalist America. Following the acts of World War II, the Cold War erupted. During the Cold War, United
rights, government control, cold war - McCarthy and The Anti-communist Crusade.
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Joseph McCarthy was one of the most notorious senators throughout the USA's history. He spread the wave of anti-communist feeling through the USA, which was caused by the Americans' fear of the Soviets. However his success was built on the accumulating of the scary espionages to the American, for example, the ring
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An Essay on Historical Writing on Domestic Communism. and Anti-Communism. By John Earl Haynes. [A edited and modified version of this essay appeared as. "The Cold War Debate Continues: A Traditionalist Looks at Historical Writing on. Domestic Communism and Anti-Communism". in The Journal of Cold War Studies

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