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[The final version of this essay is published in Scott Slovic (ed.), Critical. Insights: Nature and Environment, pp. ... sheep, in the original meaning of being a 'pastor' or shepherd, although I've admitted that unrealistically, we'd ... He sought to draw attention to the difference between 'the poet's rapture and the peasant's care'.
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AND OF THE ESSAYS, LETTERS, &c. IN THE MISCELLANEOUS PART OF THIS ... Blair's School Dictionary, 197. CAMILLA de Florian, &c. 201. ... OPIE'S Lectures on Painting, 113. Oxford Election, 427. PACHALICK of Bagdad, 500. Parr's Characters of Fox, 337. Pastoral Care, 202. Pettigrew's Views Table of Contents. 541.
AND OF THE ESSAYS, &c. IN THe MISC ELLAN EoUs PART OF THIS ... Blair's School Dictionary, 197. CAMILLA de Florian, &c. 201. ... Pastoral Care, 202. Pettigrew's Views. burgh Review, 212. Extract m' those remarks, ibid. His examination of the reviewers use of the word revolution, 213. Of their use of the term “people,”
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His works are. an Essay on Taste, 8vo. ; Dissertations on the Ge~ niusand Evidences of Christianinity, Svo. ; an Essay on Genius, Svo. -., 2 vols. of Sermons; and a Discourse on Pastoral Care. GERARD, Gilbert, son of (i I B the preceding, was born and educated It Aberdeen. On entering into the ministry he became pastor of
1728 zu Gariah in der Ä Aberdeen, st: daselbst 1795, zeichnete sich vorzüglich durch folgende Schriften aus: Essay on Taste, 1758; 1786, 8.; deutsch, Breslau ... Leipzig, 1776, 8.; Dissertations on subjects relating to the genius and the evidences of christianity 1765, 8.; Sermons, 1782, 2 Bde., 8.; The Pastoral care publ. by
He was also the author of " Le Bureau du Concile de Trente," 8vo. ; " L'Anti Machiavcl," 12mo. ; and " Anti- Socinus," 4to. 1612. We have no ... An Essay on Genius, 8vo. 4. Sermons, 2 vols. tSvo. In 1 799, his son and successor, Dr. Gilbert Gerard, published his father's work on the Pastoral Care. — Supp. to EncycL Brit.

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